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Sending images / Photos

Images needed for the website:
BIG Fish will provide an on-line folder such as DropBox to up-load your images. 
Customer supplied Images
If your quote is based on you suppling all images we will need to know the following:
Will your images need the background removed to they can go on any color background?
If so will you require BIG Fish DPI to cut our the backgrounds? 
Product images
If the product images are being pulled from a database you will be required to name each image Exactly as it is listed in the database using upper and lower case sensitive letters and .extensions. 
The website will look for that specific file name to associate with that product.
Product images sizes we suggest:
5” x 5” frame ratio and is the the same as:  
20.833 inches x 20.833 inches OR 1,500 pixels wide x 1,500 pixels tall 
We prefer 300 dpi at actual size but 72 dpi is acceptable as final size resolution.
Note: consider resizing all images so they fit proportionally within the 5×5 aspect ratio and fill up as much of the space as possible. The mobile responsive part of the website will resize all images to fit the mobile or desktop devices. 
DO NOT compress images and stay consistent with the size. 
Gallery images 
Will this website template include images that touch the left and right side of the screen, or have a frame around them? Please discuss before submitting images. 
Set up a folder named Home Page Gallery and place all images within that folder. 
Do this same process for any additional pages that require a gallery. 
Naming your files correctly:
Place all images in the same folder. The website will look for the file with ONLY THE SAME EXACT file name and file type. If it’s lower case or spaces within the file name or any other variations, the site will not find it.  
If taking photos with your phone:
When you use a mobile device that carrier will automatically reduce image quality when sending your message in order to make the message small enough to go thru. We recommend setting the phone to the highest quality/resolution first, (sometimes called HDR) and download images to your computer so no quality is lost. Then you can email, or transfer files for best results. We can edit glare, colors, backgrounds, almost anything you need edited.  
File formats:
.png extensions =  images with a transparent background. This is best because the website background can be changed. 
When saving the image as a file, if there are compression options, choose “do not compress” images. 
Please do not send PDF images, please save them as jpg images and at the highest quality if given the option.
Slideshow gallery image requirements (full width) for mobile responsive site:
2,000 pixels wide 
Video requirements for YouTube or other full screen videos:
Standard YouTube is 1080p or 4K
The best is 2,000 pixels wide 
We can store/host your images and videos, or we can use your links to redirect visitors to the linked page on YouTube, etc.
Sending Videos
Video requirements for YouTube or other full screen videos:
Standard YouTube is 1080p or 4K
The best is 2,000 pixels wide 
We can store/host your images and videos, or we can use your links to redirect visitors to the linked page on YouTube, etc.
Video editing 
Videos being used on a website’s main page usually run between 30-45 seconds. This is about the attention span of the average visitor before they move to the next section or topic.  
Average cost typically is between $100 and up per second, so 30 seconds is $3,000.

My cost to you will range between $800 to $1,000 depending on the level of detail. 

1) Go through all your videos and find the section of each one you like. 
List out the video links. List the start time and end time of when you see the section you like. 
Example: www.video123  Start 0:45   End 0:59  Bike in air lands in dirt. 
This means you will have 9 seconds of information. We may use slightly more or less depending on what is needed to blend into the next video segment. 
2) Next once all the video links and times are listed you will need to move them around in the order you want to see each section. 
Video 1 shows the car has past the finish line
Video 2 the car is doing a burnout 
Video 3 has the imaging going down the track.  
You may decide Video 2, 3, then 1 
3) After you have them in order I will need to know if you want any additional text or images overlaid onto the image. 
Video 2 the car is doing a burnout (show image magwheel.jpeg) placed in far right lower corner. 
Video 2 the car is doing a burnout (show text to read “We build our rims for extreme abuse”) placed above the car. 
It will be your responsibility and you must agree to make sure ALL content including video, text, photos you have permission to use. Videos used for a website are considered commercial use and sometimes they are listed as editorial use only.  

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