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Vehicle Wraps

This is going to stick with you for years so make sure you get high quality printing and professional installers.

Quality Assurance
Some printers will produce low resolution images because it allows them to print your job faster but you end up with grainy pixilated wraps. Big Fish DPI is just as excited to show off your new design as you are so it takes a little longer but the results can be the difference between antenna reception and high def TV.

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"The public loved the trailer when we unveiled it at our big event in Charleston. They thought we had gotten a painter to paint our logo directly on the trailer! They had no idea it was a wrap! Awesome quality!"

Design Tips

Large format printing from vehicle wraps to banners are sold by the square foot. So when designing keep in mind how much room is actually needed to place your logo and image for height and width. Vector files are best because they can be enlarged without risking the image quality, unlike pdfs and photoshop files. Additionally, vector files are small in size so they can be easy to upload.

Square Footage
If your banner is 24 inches x 72 inches you will round that off to the nearest foot 2 ft x 6 ft. Note all inches will be rounded off to the next nearest foot. So if you have 2 ft x 3.8 ft we will notify you of the option to reduce 3.6 down to 3 ft or move it to 4 ft.

File Recommendations

150-300 dpi – PDF, EPS, AI, JPG or TIFF files. If your file cannot be used, a Big Fish DPI rep will contact you with alternative options that can allow us to process your order.


3M 480CV3 Media – (11yr) with 3M 8548G Laminate

Used on vehicle applications and where rivets and screws protrude out of the panel. This product has tiny little slits that allow you to “burp” out air pockets and bubbles during application. Made specifically for vehicle wraps.

3M Control Tac – 13oz Pressure Sensitive Vinyl White Gloss or Matte Finish

Features:  tear, puncture, & fade resistant

Application use: Indoor / Outdoor, Used for automotive applications such as decals logos, full trailer wraps. UV inks will not scratch off.

NOTE: This is designed for trailers with rivet heads, screws, or seams. This product has tiny pin head air holes that allow you to burp out access air pockets.

Window Mesh – 10oz Pressure Sensitive Vinyl White Gloss

Features: reduces light by 30% cuts down on eye strain when viewing inside out.

Application use: Indoor / Outdoor, Flame resistant NFPA 701, NYC MEA, small and large scale

Applied to the inside or outside of windows to reduce glare. Viewable looking outside, while reducing visibility as you look in. Allows you to take advantage of advertising space without obstructing views like solid decals. Also great for automotive applications, and window tenting.


Schedule a time to have a certified 3M installer do a survey. They take all measurements to be used for a template so you can get the wrap designed. At this time, the installer can use this info give you an estimate on installation. The installer will also discuss with you if they will wash it down with special solvents. Lastly they will determine where they will do the installation whether it is at your garage/warehouse or their facility as it is important for the vehicle to be stored at the same temperature as the vinyl will be prior to application.

We suggest you only use a certified 3M installer.  We will be glad to help you locate a certified installer in your area. They have the highest standards and qualifications of any installer in the U.S. ensuring you get a professional fit each and every time.

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