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Our founder, Jeff Love started Equipment Supplies Inc. in 1991 selling consumables for printers, and copiers. As he expanded into stationery products, forms, and brochures he was amazed how competitive he was. Soon after he started House Of Color Printing adding more capabilities and a full design team. Years later word spread throughout the motorcycle community where he dominated the industry. Unaware of House of Kolor owned by Valspar he was asked to change the name of the company due to confusion. 

Big Fish DPI was born, and we added more product lines and a full web development team.  During this time Jeff Love landed Honda Marine and started producing their printing throughout North America.  See what 30+ years experience can do for your company.

Jeff Love & Chip Fendt of Statement Marine at the Miami International Boat Show displaying new business cards with the new logo designed by Big Fish. Big Fish followed up with custom t-shirts and catalogs.

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