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Big Fish DPI now offers Hosting Services with managed Linux servers, and have included additional services unavailable through most host service providers. All work and technical support is in the USA.

All hosting companies including BIG FISH DPI
Store your data and run backups of your site on a recurring basis. Hosting companies are only responsible for the actual server your website is stored on. In the past we have not been responsible for monitoring or managing anything related to your actual website only the storage of your website and keeping it up. Our new hosting packages include much more.

BIG FISH DPI Hosting package.
$35 per month no contract required – billed automatically to credit/debit card each month.
$25 per month with a 12 month contract paid annually in advance of each year.

When you’re ready, simply contact the company you originally purchased your domain name from.
Ask your current hosting provider for the following:
Registrar login:

BIG FISH 24/7/365 Support
Get help almost immediately by phone or email for all hosting related issues from Big Fish staff who will immediately contact server employees regarding your issue.

BIG FISH Added Security Features
Within the last several months a large portion of WordPress sites were hacked. Since then we have moved our clients over to new servers which include automatic WordPress version and PHP updates and it’s secured by the leading technology with full support on hand. Hackers often use outdated software like WordPress or plugins to hack into websites so doing updates is very important to the health of a website. In addition our servers are constantly updated with security patches.

BIG FISH Weekly Off-Site Backups
Backups are made of your site on a regular basis on our servers. However, no one stores all their data in one place. Anything from fire, theft, or other catastrophic events could cause you to permanently lose your entire site. This is why date is duplicated at an off-site back-up storage facility.

BIG FISH WordPress Optimization
Over time a website’s speed could be reduced because of various issues that can be related to outdated code, plugins that are no longer supported, or updates that have not been done. Now due to advanced software, our servers are optimized for WordPress websites resulting in faster loading times. Also, core updates to your PHP and WordPress software is automatically done as needed and a mirror of your site is compared to the site after the update. If the update showed a conflict, we can resolve it quickly or uninstall the update without loss of data.

BIG FISH Unlimited Bandwidth
The bigger the bandwidth, the bigger the pipe, and the more flow you can use. Not only will our WordPress optimization servers help you run faster, but the larger bandwidth lets you handle greater peak times with more traffic.

BIG FISH Secure SSL Websites
Years ago only website pages with shopping cart functions required a SSL certificate. Due to the increase attacks and security risks, Google is now requiring all websites to be secure which means each page has to have an SSL license installed for every page to be secure and compliant. If the URL of a site begins with https: instead of http: that means it is secure. Websites that do not have SSL are penalized in Google searches and are much lower on search results because Google considers them to be a risk.

BIG FISH Add-On Webmaster Services
Most customers lack the capabilities to fully maintain their site by maintaining security features and performing updates. Most don’t realize the importance of updates. Hackers, viruses and malware gets into a site thru outdated software, plug-ins, and email servers. Customers can do updates to plug-ins and manage security plug-ins on their own, but updates can conflict with existing code and cause your website to crash. You can restore the website if you know how but you lose all data after the last backup was performed. In these cases, if we need to restore your site or repair code we will have to charge you at our hourly rate unless you have chosen to add-on Webmaster Services.

Webmaster services would include managing your security plug-ins and checking your website monthly to see if any updates need to be done. The updates would be done one at a time starting with the smallest plugins working up to the more complicated like Woo Commerce, checking for issues as they are updated. Sometimes research has to be done about a plugin to make sure the new update will be compatible with the version of WordPress that your site is running on. If you go into the back end you may see updates that have not been done. That may be because of an issue but at a later date the plugin will become compatible and we will update it at that time. A webmaster would also manage your security software (if you have chosen to purchase a security plugin for your site) that both protects and checks your site for malware, viruses, and hackers.
*As web hosts, monitoring for malware, viruses and security updates on the main server is part of maintaining the server but this does not give you protection from your site being infected.

BIG FISH Add-On Website Content Change Packages
We’ve designed packages at reduced per hour rates so you can email or call us throughout the week with changes to any pages including videos, photos, text or anything else. From a full design team, marketing specialist, to developers we are all in the U.S. and ready to make life easier for you. Making changes to your website on an ongoing basis is not included as part of your hosting package. However often we can make minor changes at no charge to you.

BIG FISH Personalized Notifications
If an error occurs, we will personally notify you via phone, or email of any hosting issues. Hosting companies typically only send an email notification to the person who set up the account or the webmaster. They expect you to handle issues yourself or if your site has viruses or malware they can quarantine and possibly delete your site permanently. We see this happen all the time. We are strictly U.S. based and care about all of our customers.

BIG FISH Custom Server Solutions
Let us help find the best solution for you. Custom servers for needs such as high volume traffic, multiple large databases that require a larger processing speed, large memory requirements, dedicated IP address, and cloud based solutions are available.

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